We try to do things the right way at Hawksmoor, not because it’s trendy and cool or because we’re natural tree-huggers or hippy peaceniks. We do it because we want to – it’s the kind of company we want to be and the kind of restaurants we want to run. We want a business we can be proud of – whether that’s making sure the food we serve is as good as possible, that the animals lived a decent life, or that everyone who works with us enjoys what they do.

Four recent accolades we’re particularly proud of are seven consecutive years in Sunday Times Best Companies, being shortlisted as one of the most sustainable restaurant groups in the country by the Sustainable Restaurant Awards, being given an award by Action Against Hunger for passing £1million in fundraising and donations, and being given the Marco Longer Award for Changing Lives for supporting One Water Foundation.

Last year, we were thrilled to take part in Love Food Give Food for Action Against Hunger. We joined forces with hundreds of restaurants across the UK, raising funds to help children worldwide survive and grow up strong. During September, October and November we added a voluntary £1 donation to your table’s bill supporting Action Against Hunger’s vision of a world free from hunger.

Last year was extra special as every single £1 you donated whilst dining with us was doubled by the UK Government! So your donation went twice as far in helping to change lives for the better. The UK Government doubled your donation so mums and kids in Senegal could be supported with the nutrition and care they need to be healthy, as part of Action Against Hunger’s Healthy Mums Healthy Kids appeal.

Thank you so much to you, our amazing customers, in supporting this fantastic cause and challenging child hunger worldwide. Find out more here on Action Against Hunger’s website.

To view our Gender Pay Gap Statement 2017, please click here.