All of the drinks in the Cards & Cigars section on page 8 are perfect postgluttony, as are the digestifs tucked at the back of our pudding menu. Or how about a bottle of Marble Hill – our take on the Manhattan – for the table to share?

“A dude drinks mostly at marble counters with plate glass mirrors and silver trimmings and always ends his meal with fine liquor or a Manhattan cocktail” (Medical Advance, 1894).

But perhaps not in London where it was met with disdain: “This new Manhattan is insinuating and fatal, it works almost imperceptibly on the human animal reducing him eventually to the consistency of a pulp. In any match between a man and a Manhattan cocktail you must recollect always that it is about ten to one on the cocktail” (London Court & Society, 1887).

The practice of bottling cocktails goes back a long way and perfectly suits Manhattan-style drinks, letting the components marry and mellow in the bottle.
Marble Hill (for 2 or 4) - 22.00/44.00