We have always taken the safety of our staff and customers extremely seriously and tried to achieve what we would consider a gold standard for the industry. In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic this has never been more important. We are opening with the same philosophy that has always under-pinned health and safety and hygiene at Hawksmoor: we work extremely hard behind the scenes to make everything as safe for our staff and customers as possible, so that when you come and sit in our restaurants everything will feel as normal as possible.

We are lucky to have restaurants where social distancing is relatively easy, air conditioning equipment that circulates fresh air instead of recirculated air, to have been invited to consult with government on the guidance over the last months as part of their technical team, and to have the resources to ensure we go above and beyond that guidance in terms of cleaning, training and employing third parties to audit us as Covid-secure. Below is a high-level summary of our approach, but for a more belts-and-braces version you can click [here].

Government guidance on the issue runs to many pages, but the fundamental principles are that the low contagion risks associated with Covid-19 in restaurants are best diminished further via social distancing, enhanced hygiene, specific risk assessments and careful management of our workforce – for example with enhanced hygiene training and by working with two separate teams for each restaurant wherever possible.

As well as following all these guidelines we have also worked with our specialist cleaning contractors and our specialist health and safety contractors to develop a Covid-safe standard for Hawksmoor restaurants that we believe also represents a gold standard and on which we are audited, not just by Environmental Health Officers but also by our central team and own contractors. This includes regular disinfecting of surfaces and key hand contact points throughout the restaurant.

Our staff’s wellbeing is absolutely crucial to us – we look after them so that they can look after you. There are various steps we’re taking at the moment in addition to those described above. All staff have been bought face masks to wear on public transport or back of house in the restaurants, as well as personal bottles of hand sanitiser that they keep with them at all times. We do specific health checks every day and continue to support staff members who are more vulnerable on a case-by-case basis.

As with our staff we want you to feel as relaxed and content as possible at Hawksmoor. That may mean you have requests that reflect your own view of risks – disposable napkins or menus for example – and, as with any reasonable customer request at Hawksmoor, you should feel free to ask and we will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable during your visit.

We believe that customers are likely to want Hawksmoor to do what it has always done and offer people a haven from the outside world, where you can enjoy your meal with the people you’re eating and drinking with without being confronted by a sterile environment or having our extensive regime to ensure your wellbeing too overt. If we learn differently we will adapt, and as always we would welcome your feedback.

Thank you for coming to or showing an interest in Hawksmoor, we hope you enjoy your time with us as much as you ever have in the past.

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Of course – we won’t let vouchers expire because of a pandemic. Any vouchers bought before 1st July will have an extra 12 months grace so you can come back when it best suits you.

We’ll be opening a restaurant in London as soon as we can, and will be making an announcement on the 29th of June about the reopening of all our restaurants. Bookings will open roughly 10 days before each restaurant opens.

You can keep up to date with these announcements via our website, our mailers (subscribe here) or social media.

Unfortunately not. We’re keen for you to still be able to enjoy a drink before or after your meal at Hawksmoor, but while social distancing is in place we’re going to serve those at your table.

You can click through to the shop on our website here, where you can but all the things mentioned above, although Hawksmoor at Home is currently only available in small numbers. If it proves popular then we’ll be developing the range and increasing the volumes over time.

You can keep up to date with any changes via our website, our mailers (subscribe here) or social media.

Please get in touch with us at hello@thehawksmoor.com and we will try and get that sorted out for you as soon as possible. Please bear with us at the moment as some of the team may be on furlough/flexible furlough.

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